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An Introduction to Hong Kong Shanxi Chamber of Commerce

Hong Kong Shanxi Chamber of Commerce (HKSXCC) is a society established by the business sector of Shanxi and Hong Kong with strong support from the community and the assistance of the Shanxi Provincial Government. It is the HKSXCC’s mission to “Regard Hong Kong as the Platform to Go Global, Serve Shanxi to Promote its Merchant (Jinshang) Culture, Foster Exchanges to Create Business Opportunities”. In 2013, the HKSXCC was officially registered as a chamber of commerce in Hong Kong.

As the country’s most important energy base, Shanxi has achieved rapid and significant growth in the past few decades with massive economic potential. In recent years, Shanxi has been radically transforming its traditional industries including coal, coke, metallurgy and electric power while developing new pillar economic sectors such as coal chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, materials and tourism.

In respect of foreign trade, Hong Kong is Shanxi’s fourth largest export market after the United States, Korea and the Netherlands. The total exports to Hong Kong amounted to USD 286 million in 2012. Hong Kong is also a major source of foreign investment in Shanxi, accounting for 68% of the total foreign capital actually deployed.

Hong Kong offers a free and orderly business environment with professionals from all over the world. In addition to solid infrastructure, a sound legal system and low tax rates, the city enjoys a strategic geographical location and an international marketing network. Blessed with favourable natural conditions, Hong Kong has served as the best stepping stone – a gateway for mainland enterprises to “go out” and for Hong Kong and foreign enterprises to “come in”.

Jinshang (Shanxi merchants) were the earliest businessmen in China originating in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period. They prospered in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and became the largest merchant group in China. Different times have called for Jinshang, the spirit of which comprises of four fundamentals: Firstly, dedication and self-reliance; Secondly, honesty, credibility, unity and mutual benefit; Thirdly, love for the country and family, co-existence of righteousness and benefit; Fourthly, mercantilism and self-cultivation. The HKSXCC’s responsibility and mission is to catch up with trends of the era and to seize opportunities for development.

The HKSXCC aims to benefit from the sophisticated financial services market of Hong Kong and attract its capital, technology, talents, services, information and management experience towards the development of the export-oriented economy in Shanxi Province. By introducing the high-quality projects of Shanxi to global markets, the HKSXCC also aims to provide favourable investment targets for international investors.

Concerned about the society and the livelihood of people in Shanxi, the HKSXCC launches charity campaigns to help alleviate poverty and enhance disaster resilience. The HKSXCC also takes part in social development work to express voices of the business sector.


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